Want to speed up WordPress? Our optimization service analyses and improves the internal functioning of your website to speed up WordPress load times and improve user engagement. This involves performing dozens of checks, analysing your theme, plugins and WordPress core to ensure each tiny detail is working as effectively as possible.


This WordPress speed optimization service improves the reliability of a website, ensuring it can handle unexpected peaks in traffic and work faster on a normal day too. The result? An improved user experience, more return visits and more conversions.


To speed up a WordPress website, we eliminate everything unnecessary, adjust the order in which plugins are loaded and optimise execution times. The culmination of these expert tweaks and adjustments have a big impact on your site speed.


While all this is going on in our testing lab, your site will remain untouched until the changes are pushed live. This means no down-time or interruptions to your website during the optimization process, no changes to the appearance of your site, and no altering of important code before chatting to you first.

Passion for Speed

We have tested most of the different technology related to the WordPress ecosystem out there. We can offer your company creative solutions based on our experience accordingly to your business needs.


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