Our expertise in server speed optimization ensures we’re well equipped when it comes to making thoughtful changes to your server. We understand that when it comes to your website’s speed, every second counts, which is why we also optimize your WordPress web server.


Your WordPress server performance is crucial. Small tweaks and consolidations can have an incredible impact, increasing the overall rate at which your website loads. In short, a fast server equals a fast website!


A re-design of your server’s architecture and WordPress site architecture can also maximise efficiency. As part of our WordPress speed optimization service, we can look at where your traffic is coming from and configure your server architecture in a way that makes sense. For instance, if you’re a UK based company but most of your traffic is coming from America, we can re-arrange your servers architecture to ensure the region that drives the most traffic is getting a great user experience.


It's these kinds of intelligent optimizations that make a real difference to your WordPress server performance.


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